Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventures sets the stage for Family Adventure in Pigeon Forge

Family Reunions bring families together and fun, family adventure creates lasting memories worth repeating year after year.

This year, plan your family reunion at Smoky Mountain Adventures in Pigeon Forge, TN. Our story as told by our resident storyteller AppleJack, is filled with music, laughter, edge-of-your-seat special effects, thrilling specialty acts, competitions, and romance– the type that brings families together. This riveting, high energy production is a non-stop, exciting journey taking guests back to the 1930’s when there was conflict between the Mountain and Holler families and they competed in the Great Smoky Mountain Family Contest. 

We packed the show with exciting family games and contests. And what family gathering would be complete without a little showing off by some of your relatives? Of course, both families want to win and they need your help cheering them on. We may even ask you to take part yourself!

Did we mention the Home Cooked Feast? Every great family gathering needs a fantastic meal and we have a fantastic, four-course feast here at Smoky Mountain Adventures.

We all know there’s nothing more important than a healthy, happy family and there’s no better way to enjoy your family reunion than with good, clean family adventure at someplace special! Bring your family to the most exciting place to eat!

Don’t wait for the time, MAKE the time for your family today.