Bass Mercantile – More Than Just A Store

Bass Mercantile - Old Country Store - Photos courtesy of Sevierville Historical Society

In 1939 Bass Mercantile was the center of everything for the Owens and Parton families.

It truly was more than just a store. Bass Mercantile and country stores of its kind served as the center of communication, exchange and much more. The tall shelves of the mercantile were stocked with gingham fabrics in every color. Customers could find sturdy work gloves, brand new overalls and much more. It was a place to shop for brogan shoes to wear in the winter and other store-bought items.

Mountain folks like Billy Owens could pick up a box of nails and a pound of sugar in one visit. It’s also where Applejack could find a new set of banjo strings. And if something needed to be ordered it could be found within the pages of the tried and true Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog.

The Mercantile also served as the hub of communication for the town. Often these stores housed the Post Office. They displayed everything from help wanted ads to wanted posters of outlaws. Folks gathered on the porch of the store to hear the latest news from Knoxville and Nashville, TN. Updates even trickled in from President Roosevelt in Washington, DC.

At Bass Mercantile, the Owens and Parton families would have eagerly awaited news about the Smoky Mountain Family games. And when Avie Lee and Lee announced their wedding, you can bet the news was passed around Bass Mercantile for days on end.

Today, the items on the shelves of Bass Mercantile have changed a little but the warm, friendly atmosphere is the same.

Harold Hawn Sr. (Third From The Left) Inside A General Store
New "Modernized" Store Has Just Opened
Simmons Sleep Magic Mattress Only $19.50
Sevier County Fair Sept. 19-24
Ketner Grocery Co. Sevierville, Tennessee
Train Tickets As Low As Two Cents Per Mile, Knoxville, TN
Sevierville Mattress Company Guarantees "All New Material"
Perry's Camp Near Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Royal Baking Powder - Still Available Today
Advertisements For Chipso, Ivory Soap, Crisco And Other Brands - Many Still Available Today


Photos courtesy of Sevierville Historical Society

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